Does Exite Mobile Work For Android Only?

No, Exite Mobile works for All phones including iOS/Apple. Even tablets. Any types that are able to stream and download HD or regular videos.


When I Sign Up Is My Information Shared?

We are glad to say unlike other companies Exite Mobile will not take any of your information and share it with any other 3rd party. We keep your information private.


Is Gay Content Included?

Yes, Exite Mobile respects the gay and lesbian community. We also provide a wide selection of scenes and HD movies.


What Is The Difference Between Free Porn Apps And Your App?

Free apps do not have great quality. You are more at risk at destroying your mobile device because of viruses. Your experience will not be as great compared to the quality you will get from Exite Mobile.


Can I download The App From Any Country In The World?

Yes, but it depends. If the country you are in does not allow browsing US websites,then you will not be able to download. If you are reading this right now, then it means you can download. We support all countries.


Does The Exite App Provide Live Show Women?

Yes, The Exite app started showcasing live show girls 2 years ago. Enjoy.  See our reference section for details.


How Many Channels And Movies Do You Provide?

We are connected to more than 30 channels and a database of more than 1 million HD videos. That is more porn that you could in a lifetime.